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Electronic Power Check "EPCH"

  • Exact measurement of actual cutting pressure, measured in kN
  • AV alert features
  • Data interface
  • Superior cutting results
  • Avoids damage of magnetic cylinder and anvil roller

For perfect cutting results:

When using a rotary system, the basic requirement for the perfect cut is sufficient pre-tension between the magnetic/rotary cylinder and the anvil. Excessive or poor pre-tension may often lead to insufficient cutting results as well as unnecessary wear and tear with the printing machine. Different printing widths, as well as, different printing materials require individual cutting pressures. Uneven pressure can be avoided or if required, can be clearly defined. Electro Optic`s Electronic Power Check (EPCH) indicates the cutting pressure in precise Kilo Newton (kN). It also monitors the left and right side bearer rings separately. The EPCH is equipped with an audible and visual alert feature to ensure the perfect cutting pressure. With its data interface option, the EPCH can be linked into any operational data system.