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We are content if you are, but not before.

Total dedication to the customer is more than just manufacturing high precision dies. To us total dedication to the customer means, complete service and supply.

Cutting various materials and combinations of label material with steadily increasing requirements continue challenging the printers.

Electro Optic is your partner, here to assist you in solving the most difficult applications. Cutting tests for new label materials as well as checking our customers' die cutting units in order to supply the individual matching die are only two points of a complete service.

Electro Optic is driven by the constant effort to provide the most advanced flexible die technology, the consistently highest quality product and services. These principles are applied to every level of the manufacturing process for flexible dies. The customer is considered an integral part of our process chain and consequently a part of our performance evaluation.

This philosophy is built on our unwavering strategy to manufacture ONLY flexible dies, constantly improve and monitor each individual process and as a result, deliver quality tools as a routine-operation.

You, the satisfied customer, are the key to our activities.