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Logo Electro Optic

The Beginnings

The aim of the company was to produce a revolutionary cutting quality for all label and form manufacturers. The result was the development of a fully-mechanised production and sharpening process for flexible dies.

This enabled Electro Optic to present to the world a competely new type of flexible die. A die with unsurpassed precision and an exactly defined geometrical shape to the cutting line.

Electro Optic AG`s parent company, Gravo Optic of Liechtenstein, provided the basis of the engineering knowledge and quality awareness and has been instrumental in the success of the project. Research and development at the headquarters in Liechtenstein led to the establishment of these superior manufacturing techniques and our position in the international flexible die market.

After intensive research and development work Electro Opitic GmbH started production in 1990 in Ingolstadt / Germany. Electro Optic has built itself an enviable reputation and position on the international die market.