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Logo Electro Optic

The Company

The Electro Optic Group produces high precision cutting tools for the label and printing industry worldwide.

The inventor and first successful global manufacturer of machine sharpened flexible dies, Electro Optic still heads the field.

Electro Optic was established in 1990 in Ingolstadt, Germany and has built itself an enviable reputation and position on the international die market.

In February 2007 the Electro Optic's German headquarters moved into a new manufacturing and administration plant. The new building facilitates a highly automated production environment, offering production critical specifications and the best service for all our customers around the world.

The company continuously in R&D and in its manufacturing processes to provide superior products and service to our customers.



Electro Optic US


Electro Optic, US Offices was established in 2003 to serve the North and South American market. The continuing growth of the company was addressed with the opening of the US manufacturing plant in Alpharetta, GA in January 2012.


Electro Optic Asia

The continuing growth of the key markets led to the founding of Electro Optic Asia Pvt. LTD in 2010, based in Mumbai as our own subsidiary. From here, India, the Arab Emirates and parts of Africa and Asia are supported.