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The performance pressure on label and form manufacturers has become greater and greater.
Individual solutions for unusual customer requirements continuously represent new challenges to the creativity of the printing houses.

Having a reliable partner to advise on the best possible solution to a problem gives peace of mind. With Electro Optic`s high-precision tooling many jobs can now be completed whereas before they were almost impossible. Working in partnership with you, our development team will find solutions to the individual problems.

Difficult tasks require complex answers

To take full advantage of Electro Optic`s unique manufacturing methods, we match the tools exactly not only to the material but also to the conditions in the die cutting unit.

Material analysis

We undertake the preliminary analyses and testing of new material substrates to ensure precise cutting suitability. In case of very thin materials and difficult converting combinations we understand the need for our customers to receive detailed information on the best tool available before conversion on press.

Gap measurement

We will check your magnetic cylinders whilst still in the machine to ensure the best possible operating conditions and train your staff in the use of our unique feeler gauge.

This easy-to-use, high-precision measuring tool accurately measures the slit-dimension of the magnetic cylinder, and from the results and assessments of the condition of both the magnetic cylinder and the anvil can be made in a matter of minutes.


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