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Gold Line Special

The trend for thin liners of PP and PET continues. The requirements of the punching unit as a whole complex increase.

Due to savings in materials, liners of 20μ and below are used. The label materials have to meet higher standards in terms of abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, temperature adaptability or tensile strength and toughness.
In short, there are no longer "stickers" but more often technical components within complex systems.

This makes special demands on the precision of all components involved in die cutting. Concentricity of magnetic cylinders and anvil cylinders (and any existing built-under rollers), zero backlash of an optionally used variable anvil roll must be within tolerances of a few μ. 

A stable and vibration free cutting unit is a basic requirement. 

Succesful die cutting on ultra thin liners can only be applied when keeping the tolerances in narrowest limits.

Electro Optic’s Gold Line Special Quality exactly matches this challenge. Perfect cutting ability and unmatched height paral­lelism, due to our patented back grinding process, guarantee best cutting results on ultra thin liners.